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What Is Art Supplied?

Art Supplied is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that serves children in developing countries, as members distribute art supplies and facilitate workshops which encourage children to visually depict themselves and their world. These workshops allow children to explore and define what it is that makes them uniquely them, how their world influences who they are, and what about them influences their world. The Art Supplied workshops are conducted with the hopes of providing children with not only supplies, but also confidence to continue to express themselves in color.


Our mission is to increase the access of art supplies to children in developing countries by distributing art supplies, specifically colored pencils, crayons, and paper, and providing art curriculum to children in various orphanages, schools and rural villages.

Art is extremely important developmentally for children; countless studies have proven that children visualize as a way of understanding things and that they need a way to express their encounter with the world. Art Supplied believes that art is the perfect way for children to communicate their experiences, fears, and most importantly their dreams.

Art Supplied is founded on the premise that all individuals have unique ways to express themselves through art, but do not always have the financial, emotional, or educational resources to discover that. Art Supplied is determined to boost self-esteem, aid academic work, improve critical thinking skills, and help children cope with life challenges. Inevitably, Art Supplied will empower and uplift communities through the power of innovation.

By bringing the dreams belonging to these children back to the United States, in the form of pictures, Art Supplied hopes to foster global understanding and goodwill.

The Color of Passion

Children need a voice.  
They need tools for expression,
Tools to tell their story.

The United States, which is home to just 4% of the world’s population aged 5 to 25 years, accounts for more than one-quarter of the global education budget.  The United States spends almost as much as that of all governments in six regions combined: the Arab States, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, South and West Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Governments in sub-Saharan Africa spend only 2.4% of the world’s education resources for 15% of the school age population.  According to estimates, the education budget of a single country like France, Germany or Italy outweighs the education expenditure in the entire sub-Saharan African region combined.

Ways To Help

There are many ways to get involved with Art Supplied! We are always looking for individuals to assist us with our various programs. Fill out the volunteer form below, and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Additional Volunteer Announcements:

If you have ideas about potential venues to host our exhibits and other events, please email jennifer@jwein.com.

Before signing up, take a look at the free do-it-yourself kits offered by Art Supplied. These downloadables will be available to you upon completion of the volunteer form.

  • Art Workshop Kit

The materials in this kit provide hours of fun learning addressing the cross-cultural, universal aspects of daily life that all children share--how they play, how they learn and how they utilize art as means for self-expression. The guiding curriculum utilizes artwork collected by Art Supplied to show the threads common to all children, helping young artists make connections between their own lives and the lives of others. The curriculum aims to increase self-awareness, and encourage self-development and introspection. Grades K-5. 1-2 hours of activities.

On the volunteer form below, check off “Host or facilitate an Art Workshop” to receive this kit.

  • Art Drive Startup Kit

Get your friends, family, or co-workers involved in Art Supplied's global endeavor of bringing self-expression and color to under-served children around the globe. Host an art supply drive at your school or work, collecting 12-packs of colored pencils or crayons. 

On the volunteer form below, check off “Art Supply Drives” to receive this kit.

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If you're interested in volunteering or organizing an art supply drive for the project, check out our Ways To Help page or contact us for more information.